Today I’m keeping it simple.  Here’s a poem that I wrote back in 1998-ish.  I wrote it for a college publication in memory of my grandfather whom had died due to alzheimers.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.


I walk along

a beach lit by dawn’s cheerful grin

seagulls fly endlessly around me

as waves caress my legs like a lover

I reach down and grab a handful of sand

and hold it close to my beating heart

the way that I cherish

my most precious and tender memories

I walk along

a beach that grows mile after mile

the seagulls seem to be laughing at me

in their teasing and taunting ways

as they dance and weave about my head

the waves slowly crawl up my body

as my feet sift through vaguely familiar memories

that seem to tickle my mind

as I walk under the slowly setting sun

I walk along

in circles

on a beach whose end I have finally reached

under the man in the moon’s sad smile

the seagulls have silenced their laughing

the beach is now deserted

sand slips through my fingers

as the waves consume me at last

and I forget