Configuring PCLOS Chat in Thunderbird Chat

For those users of pclinuxos Chat that are interested I successfully set up pclos chat with Thunderbird chat. Pidgin is nice too, but it’s always nice to have options.  I’ve also included the steps to join a chat room and included a list of rooms that come up in pidgin when searching for a room.  I’ve set it up on Thunderbird on two of my machines so am fairly confident that the steps should be correct.  If anyone notices and errors or anything that should be changed/added just let me know.

To get an account set up go here: and create an account.

Here are the steps that I took to get it all set up:

Steps to add pclos chat to thunderbird

Open chat tab and go to show accounts or tools menu and show accounts

Click on new account.

Select xmpp and click next.

In the username field type:

click next

enter your password

click next

click on the + sign next to XMPP Options

in the server field type

click next

click finish

You’ll receive an error about the certificate (in the box that shows you any accounts that you have set up).

Click on add exception – above where it says disconnected It may be hard to see at first.

Click on confirm exception in the lower left and then click on ok.

You should now be connected.

Steps to join a chat room

Click on join chat (top left next to add contact)

click on the drop down box next to account and select the pclos chat account that you just set up (applicable only if you have more than one account set up)

room: enter the name of the room that you want to connect to (see list of rooms below)


password: enter your password
click on the box to auto join the room and then click ok.

You should now be connected the chat room when ever you open the chat window in Thunderbird.

Room list