Supertouk aka the Mystery Chicken

Since my last post was about rebirth, the perfect place to start writing is about where it all started.  Well, at least for me anyway.

It started when we were looking for a companion for my wife’s little red frizzle Ginny who had some health issues and lived in the house.  We were members of a local yahoo group that liked poultry and someone had posted about a mystery chicken they had gotten from a poultry auction.  She was tiny and blue and they just didn’t know what to do with her and she was getting picked on by the other birds so they were trying to find a home for her. My wife and I discussed it and decided to go adopt her thinking that she would be the perfect companion for Ginny and she was obviously a bantam and was small enough to live in the house.

When we got to their house it was dark and the birds were all in bed, which is good as they let their birds free range and other wise it would be difficult to get her.  We had our little cat carrier all ready to bring her home in and the lady whose house we were at went into their chicken house to go get her. You would have thought that she was getting strangled.. the little bird just screamed and screamed and carried on. My wife and I just looked at each other wondering exactly what we were getting ourselves into. The lady came out with this tiny little blue bird that was still screaming and boy did she have a set of lungs on her. We put her in our little cat carrier and proceeded to take her home.

By the time we got home she had calmed down and stopped screaming.  We took her into the living room and sat down on the couch. I put the car carrier on my lap and cautiously opened the door. Suddenly there was this blue blur and this scared little bird flew up onto my shoulder and just sat there until she felt safe. She now needed a place to sleep for the night so we got a spare covered cat bed and placed it on my night stand with a towel in it. My wife then told me to ask her (meaning the bird) if she wanted to sleep there. I looked down at the little blue bird in my hand and asked her if she wanted sleep there. With a hesitant little step she went into the bed and cautiously looked around and settled in.

Since she was a ‘Mystery Chicken” we wanted to come up with an exotic sounding name and settled on the name Suki (pronounced Sooki). From then on she slept on my nightstand. It was a fortuitous moment because that little bird wormed herself into my heart and very quickly became my best friend.